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PADI Pro Dive Master

Full course $1400.00

This course consist of building a self confident diver able to handle distress situations, assist on courses and lead dives.
Becoming a PADI Pro is a commitment to nature and the safety of divers around the world, as a Pro you will be expected to further be a good role model and share good diving practices with others.
The course consist on completing a PADI eLearning program which we can assign to you and usually takes students about 18 to 27 hours to complete.
For the practical portion of the course we will test your comfort at the surface making swimming tests and underwater tests with scuba gear in shallow water, you will be trained to properly demonstrate diving skills and assist PADI courses.
You will practice to rescue others as well as to lead deep dives, search and recovery dives, discover local dives, night dives and flow and coordination of students during PADI courses.
The practical portion of the course takes about 15 days with a schedule from either 8am to 1:30pm or 1pm to 6:30pm and a night dive is made from 6pm to 8:45pm.
The price includes PADI eLearning study materials, 1st year of PADI Pro Membership, at least 20 training dives, Professional Dive Instructors, boat transportation to sites, snacks between day dives and scuba gear (which we recommend if planing on becoming a Pro Diver to start getting your own dive gear set together).
We also offer the possibility for internships to a professional level which we highly recommend since it would make the experience 2 months long having more time to practice dive more and fortify your skills as a Pro Diver.

(Internship costs $700.00 plus 350 hours of work)

The best little dive shop in paradise. Come dive or get certified with us. We offer a personalized service and the guarantee that you will have a smile at the end of the day 🙂

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Bocas Pirates Dive Center

We teach people not only how to dive but how to take care of our oceans. As we are proud members of

Frogfish, a type of anglerfish, have a textured exterior that aids in their camouflage. While they do not have scales, their amazing ability to camouflage themselves serves as protection from predators. Frogfish vary in color and often have unique spines or bumps that change with their surroundings 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

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In Bocas del Toro there are many hidden fish and creatures that are all amazing I’m their own way 🙂For example the Long Snout Sea Horse have many interesting facts like: • They have a big appetite.• They mate for life.• Male seahorses have babies!• Their tails are a valuable tool.• They have superb camouflage capabilities.• Their eyes work independently from one another.• Speaking of predators, they don't have all that many.Contact us and it would be our pleasure to take you out diving with us and explore the reefs and shipwrecks in Bocas del Toro 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

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The Green Moray Eel are often seen with their mouths open, but do not be afraid! Although it looks like they are mad and about to bite, this is how they breathe. They breathe by passing water through their mouths past their gills. However, caution should always be taken around moray eels as they can lunge and bite in an instant if they feel threatened! So keep a good buoyancy control and be a eco-friendly underwater ambassador and dive with us 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

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