Advanced Open Water

  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver License $300.00
This Training program takes at least 2 days.  Divided in theory and diving sessions the goal is to expand your knowledge of diving into different specialty areas. To achieve the certificate you’ll need to complete the Deep dive (where you learn the different effects that a deeper depth has on you, and all procedures to follow when diving at a greater depth than 18m) and Underwater Navigation dive (where you learn to navigate underwater using a compass and natural references) , plus 3 more specialty dives of your choosing; mostly recommended Peak Performance Buoyancy dive (you’ll learn to master your buoyancy control which is very important for any diver), Night dive (at night things are very different because you have a limited amount of references since its dark, we teach you how to handle this and more) & Underwater Naturalist dive (Learn about the underwater ecosystem and its importance, as well as to identify different fish, creatures and coral or sponges).
Other Specialties are Wreck dive (where you’ll learn to dive through a wreck and know what to be aware of), Fish Identification dive (Learning to identify different types of fish by shape and color), Search and Recovery dive (Learn different search patterns that can be used to find objects underwater as well as using a lifting bag to lift an object thats to heavy), Videography or Photography dive (Learn to take beautiful footage underwater and edit them to perfection) and Drift dive (Learn to handle a dive with strong current in which you simply let yourself be taken by it).
The price includes 5 dives, Professional Instructor, dive gear, boat transportation to sites, study materials, and Diver Certification.