Rescue Diver

  • PADI Rescue Diver Course $350.00 + Emergency First Responder $120.00
To start this program you’ll need a First aid certificate within 2 years valid if not we offer the Emergency First Responder First and Secondary Care program for $120.00 additional to the Rescue Diver Course. In this Rescue Diver Training Program you’ll learn how to handle most common danger situations that occur to divers. Either how to self rescue yourself and lead or assist rescues for other divers. The Course is divided in theory and diving sessions, before the course starts the instructor assesses your diving skills to make sure your ready to move up the next step or if more diving experience is needed before starting the course. This course is very rewarding for it will demand all your attention and strength.
The price includes 2 assessment dives and 2 rescue session dives, shallow water training sessions, Professional Instructor, dive gear, boat transportation to sites, study materials, and your Diver Certification.